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The company’s goal is to offer these facilities to farmers, small and big enterprises, manufacturers, importers, exporters, freight companies, logistics services providers, etc, on an on demand pay as you use basis at pocket friendly rates.

it is paying special attention to small holder farmers who run a greater risk of losing their produce due to poor, inadequate and unavailable preservation and storage amenities.

Food barn users will be able to save time, more money and also retain a larger percentage of the earnings from their businesses without having to shell out large sums of money to pay for renting warehouses on a long term basis

Who we are

Food Barn is a digital marketplace which uses data and technology to aggregate grain dryers, silos, cold rooms and warehouses.

which it offers to its community of users on a pay as you use basis at very affordable rates. 

Food Barn is currently looking for anchor partners in various locations in Nigeria as it prepares to launch operations in a few weeks.

Do you own a grain dryer, silo, cold room or warehouse? Do you wish to earn more passive income from your property and warehouses? The company wants to read from you. It wants you to get listed on our optimized ecosystem.

Our Experts


Jeremy Hinmikaye

Founder and CEO


Nathaniel A

Business Strategist


Reuben Kalu

Marketing Strategist


Priscilla Opaogun

Operations&Logistic Expert

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